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ready to relaunch your bookkeeping website?

Upgrade your business with a website designed to help potential clients find you on Google and turn them into booked calls!

1. book a call

Book a consultation to see if we'll be a good fit partnering together. If so, you'll receive a proposal for us to get started.

2. clarify your message

As part of your onboarding, we'll clarify your marketing message to write copy that helps attract your dream clients.

3. relaunch your website

Instead of your website project dragging out for weeks and months, we'll have your website ready to relaunch in just one day.

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You're a professional bookkeeper. You deserve a professional website.

You’re a bookkeeper, not a website expert.

If you’ve already spent way too much time building your own website and aren’t satisfied with the way your website turned out, have so much on your plate that you haven’t been able to redesign your website, or want to avoid these frustrations altogether, I’m here to help. 

Ready to partner together to relaunch a professional website that can pay for itself?

Are We A Good Fit?

While I strive to help as many bookkeepers as possible, I only partner on website VIP days with clients I'm excited to work with and can deliver amazing results to.

We may be a good fit if:

we may not be a good fit if:

DIY website projects can be a total time (and joy) suck. Avoid the frustration and overwhelm with a professional, done-for-you solution!

a nice website isn't enough to convince people to buy. it's also the message.

Your message is the foundation of your bookkeeping website — it’s how audiences learn who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you can help them.

If we’re being honest, though, writing conversion-optimized website copy can quickly become overwhelming and stressful if you don’t have a background in marketing – that’s why professional copywriting is included!

Ready to partner together to relaunch your website?

Success Plans

Investment details

Relaunch a website that can pay for itself with just one new client!

website vip day

$ $6000 + $500 onboarding fee
  • Make back your investment with just one cleanup project!
  • Professional SEO-ready website design to help potential clients find your business on Google.
  • Done-for-you conversion-optimized website copy to help you convert visitors into booked calls and clients.
  • Website analytics to measure and monitor your success.
  • Monthly consulting calls and website management to keep the website safe, secure, up-to-date, running smoothly, and Google friendly without lifting a finger!

Just starting out and looking to launch your first website? Learn about my website quick start instead.

I’ll build your website so all you need to do is add your text and images!

have questions?

I have answers!

I’ve developed an onboarding process to launch professional bookkeeping websites quickly and easily without sacrificing quality.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prep – Before investing in a website VIP day, it’s important to make sure we are a great fit partnering together. The first step to moving forward is to schedule a consultation. If we both agree to move forward, I’ll send over your onboarding documents for us to get started. 
  2. Plan – As part of your onboarding, we’ll schedule a content strategy call to clarify your marketing message and gather your website details upfront. This will eliminate the need for endless back and forth emails or calls asking for information saving you time and headaches!
  3. Produce – On your VIP day, one of my trusted copywriters will get to work on writing conversion-optimized copy while I build, customize, and get your site ready to launch. Once finished, I’ll send you the link to preview it and you’ll have time to request edits and give feedback.
  4. Provide – If you decide not to enroll in my website management plan, you’ll have 7 days of post-launch email support where I won’t do any additional work inside your website account but will support you via email or Loom videos so you can feel confident managing your website moving forward.

Don’t worry, you won’t be on a video call watching me work the whole day so there’s no need to get fancy!

I simply ask that you’ll be virtually available via email on the entire day of the project to provide timely feedback.

After you schedule your content strategy call, all you will need is a registered domain name. I’ll take things from there! 

Content is the foundation for high-performing bookkeeping websites that give my clients a positive return on their investment.
Over the years, I’ve learned that clients left responsible for writing their own content often deal with two frustrations…
  1. Websites that take forever to launch because to them, writing content feels like pulling teeth, and
  2. Websites that don’t perform well because they didn’t have the guidance to make their marketing message clear, concise, and compelling.

This is why the first step to a successful website project is a content strategy call to clarify your marketing message.

No. The WordPress website hosting I arrange is optimized for this service and helps ensure lightning-fast, reliable site performance and maximum security against hackers and malware.

After your website is complete, we’re able to seamlessly connect your domain name to your new site and you can cancel your existing hosting subscription and request a prorated refund.

ready to relaunch your website?

The first step is to book a consultation.

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