Website Launch for Pachira Business Solutions

Ready for a website that attracts your dream clients?

Desktop mockup of Pachira Business Solutions website

Becky reached out to me to launch her very first website. When she came to me, she had a logo, a vision, and a goal to streamline her new client onboarding process.

She wanted her website to provide clear and consistent information about the coaching services she offers so she could spend less time explaining what she does and spend more time supporting, educating, and encouraging her clients.

Together, we built and customized a website to accurately represent her brand and clearly communicate what sets her coaching services apart from the rest.

Her website features a warm and inviting welcome video to help grab the attention of website visitors and help potential clients quickly get to know, like, and trust her.

In addition to the glowing testimonials from past clients, we also showcase explainer videos to go over the details of each level of support she offers, what’s included, and who will benefit from them.

To help accomplish the goal of streamlining her onboarding process, we also integrated her client relationship management (CRM) software by embedding a custom contact form.

If you’re a new bookkeeper looking for personalized, 1:1 support from a teacher with over 15 years of business management and bookkeeping experience, Becky is your go-to!

Head on over to her website to learn more about how she can help you gain confidence in your bookkeeping business!

Ready for a website that attracts your dream clients?

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